Saturday, November 20, 2010

In a break from the discussion of star wars, a shout out

Hi Party People.
I am currently on a plane (YES they now have awesome) on my way home to Atlanta for thanksgiving and I'm bored and miss bates like whoa. I hope everyone scattered through out the country (and world, mark) are doing great and getting excited for one of the best holidays ever. The one where you basically get to eat as much as you want, drink as much wine as you'd like, basically just enjoy all that is great and terrible about your family.

Plus it's my Birthday. And Harry Potter came out this weekend.

But in the fashion of blogs of the past and because I really have no opinion on Star Wars, here is a little update on my rather ordinary life.

DC is still pretty great, though election fever is over now (unfortunate for the hilariously weird political commercials) everyone here has turned toward 2012 and whether Palin is going to run or not (Oh please run, PLEASE). I sometimes forget that in place other than DC no one really cares or follows these things as rabidly...Anyway, back to my life, I'm still working at GMF which is pretty much terrible except for the random event where i get to be in the same room as someone ridiculous like Madeline Albright (yup totally happened and I may have stolen her pen...on purpose..) Since they refuse to pay me, I am now also a sandwich artist. A very prestigious art form that is in extreme demand, don't judge. SO I'm officially working 2 jobs, something that actually is as tiring as they always show in the movies (12 hour days SUCK, just saying).

As for everything else, it's pretty good. I'm trying to figure out a way we can all get together before Maddie's wedding, because that is just way to far away....any suggestions?

Miss you all tons, and COME TO DC TO VISIT ME, I'm super fun!

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  1. I know Ellen will be in DC sometime soon for a field trip (yeah they still do field trips in Graduate school apparently), so I will let her know. Also, what were your thoughts on HP7 part 1. I was quite the fan.