Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Bates Watchtower


Welcome to the Watchtower. Some of you were present for the sibling of this blog “ptwopointfive.” For some time that blog was an excellent way for us all to keep in contact and remember just how “poopy pants” Grace was even when we were not there to experience it for ourselves. Recently, a few of us have been considering a new blog and we came up with “The Watchtower.”

Let us consider “The Watchtower” for a moment. When I think of the watchtower I am reminded of a satellite space station created by Bruce Wayne (or the man formerly known as Batman) and other members of the Justice League (e.g. Superman, The Martian Manhunter, The Flash, etc…). This “watchtower” was used to keep an eye on villainous activity down on Earth. I propose that we do not do this. On the other hand, we can see this as an opportunity for the opposite -- A way for all of us to keep track of each other and the new events that are shaping our lives (e.g. Engagements --*cough* oleg and jess *cough*--, new jobs, trips abroad, and, of course, plans of a giant-ass castle that we shall soon own).

As such, take some time and jot down a few notes on where you are and what you’re up to. Me you ask? Well, I just got urinated on by a few hour-old baby. Everyone was really excited about it. I wasn’t super thrilled, but I was glad to help!

We look forward to hearing from you guys!

Neil and Dave


  1. First I’ve gotta say that the title of this Blog reminds me of the great Dylan cover debuting in the season 3 finale of Battlestar Galactica (2004). A rather attractive parallel is that this is also the unseen force that brings together four old friends, and later when its origin is realized the friends bond over the nostalgic memories that it carries.

    Anyhow to those of you who have yet to watch the series, I was cryptic enough not to give anything away. To receive via snail mail all four seasons (six counting half seasons) on DVD contact Neil for Blue-ray edition, or myself for standard widescreen.

    So what am I up to? Probably the same as what I last told you. Focusing on grad schools, though here in PA I seem to have misplaced my motivation. Anyone got tips on how to ask for a letter of recommendation from a professor you haven't talked to in a while?

    For my Agapeeps: I had a chat with Senior Ranger Carroll yesterday, and he's gonna hook me up with some informational interviews in DC (Face?) which is pretty cool.

    Ohh ohh… To the Illadelph: You guys know Ani Difranco? She's gonna be in your hood come Nov 13. Anyone game? Just give her 30 minutes of her time and I’m sure you’ll be hooked.

    And to the Brewers fans… still pushing the envelope?

    Alright fooz… Miss you guys. Looking forward to a new level of friend connectivity.

    Peace and Love


  2. No news on the envelope yet :( I'll post a longer note on what's new with us soon!

  3. First off....Really? I mean you really had to bring up the poopy-pants thing? It's bad enough that shit-face grace has somehow followed me to DC.

    Dave, keep me posted on when you're coming to DC (!!) your always welcome to crash at my place! That goes for anyone else driving through as well!

  4. I thought she peed her pants.

  5. Once Dave finishes the Delorean we'll go back and figure out for sure. I do, however, recall the echoes of "poopy pants... poopy pants."

  6. Will architects take designs solely developed in minecraft?

  7. OK Neil. Seriously? You won't join facebook but you'll partake in blogging? You do realize that they rank equally as high as social networking forms of procrastination that you claim you are trying to avoid by not joining facebook, right? I demand that you join facebook. If not only to be facebook-official in your marriage to Ellen.

    PS - Can I call dibs on any one of the towers in the castle? I've always had a dream of sitting near the window at the very top of one of the small towers in a castle reading a book. Winding steps and all please. Thanks!

  8. hahah that's as convincing an argument as I have had for joining the book for some time. I refuse to join "the book", however, until Zuckerberg's face is back on the facebook banner.

    That being said, I"m pretty sure we can just designate a part of the castle "Weeks tower" sounds pretty badass to me.

  9. As for minecraft, don't encourage them ;)